7 Key Benefits of using EDGE Stockpile Conveyors.

McCloskey Equipment

    Edge TS80 Tracked Stockpile Conveyor.

  • 1. Reduced Capital Expenditure…Edge stackers can be up to 5 times less costly to buy than a 4-5 cu m capacity wheeled loading shovel…and save up to £200,000 in acquisition costs.
  • 2. Reduced Fuel Costs…With average fuel consumption of 9.5litre/hour, stackers can be up to 5 times less expensive to run than a 4-5 cu m capacity wheeled loading shovel….saving the owner up to £42,000 per year.
  • 3. Improved Health & Safety…Increase site safety by reducing traffic levels and eliminating the use of loaders to stockpile material…plus the environmental benefits of reduced noise, dust and emissions.
  • 4. Reduced Labour Costs…Reduce the need for costly, inefficient wheeled loaders, and the skilled operators needed to drive them…whereas stockpile conveyors operate at maximum efficiency every hour of use, and need minimum supervision.
  • 5. Increase Efficiency…Increase the productivity of crushers, screeners and shredders…by increasing the time that the loading equipment actually spends loading, and eliminate the need for additional equipment for stockpiling duties.
  • 6. Reduced Maintenance Costs… Stockpile conveyors, in contrast to wheeled loaders, require a fraction of the maintenance time, cost and manpower to keep them running at peak performance…with studies showing that wheel loaders can cost 95% more per year to operate than a stockpile conveyor.
  • 7. Better Material Quality…Stockpile conveyors do not damage, compact, crush and reduce the quality, specification and value of your end product.
  • AND THEN… THERE ARE THE OTHER FINANCIAL BENEFITS!!!!….Better ROI, Better Cashflow, Better Profitability, Lower Interest, Lower Debt Etc….IF THIS APPEALS TO YOU..THEN PERHAPS IT’S WORTH GIVING US A CALL!! CLICK HERE to see the current range of EDGE material handling equipment, and read all about them in our Equipment section.

    For further information, expert advice and prices please call FINTAN McKEEVER on +44 1676 521175 or +44 (0) 7713 273002‬ and for more details of the above equipment or to see the complete current list of USED EQUIPMENTCLICK HERE




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