EDGE LTPS Low Feeder Tracked Picking Station Separating The EDGE LTPS combines all the benefits of the highly regarded Low-Level track Stockpiler such as the unique low-level hopper design with a 2-bay picking station. Read More
EDGE MPS48 Modular Picking Station Separating, Recycling Protecting workers is an essential part of the waste management industry. The EDGE MPS48 modular mobile picking station brings safety, mobility and efficient separation of commodities in a robust, durable, long lasting and user-friendly mobile picking station. Read More
EDGE MC Windsifters Stacking, Separating The EDGE MC1400 material classifier provides operators with the ability to extract impurities from highly contaminated material in just one pass. Using controlled air flow as a separation medium, it is a perfect solution for the cleaning of compost and biomass fractions. Read More
EDGE RS1500 Roll Sizer Separating The EDGE RS1500 roll-sizer / roll crusher has been designed for the secondary and tertiary crushing of medium-hard, sticky and soft materials such as coal, lignite, clay, limestone and other bituminous and sub-bituminous materials. Read More
EDGE FMS Fines Recovery Plant Stacking, Separating A unique combination of equipment designed to maximise the recovery of material from the waste stream whilst reducing transfer station’s operating costs. Read More