EDGE FTS Mulch Master Feeder Tracked Stackers

FTS75 Mulch Master

    Compaction, Contamination, Material Bridging and risk of Combustion. The four traditional problems commercial compost producers have faced when attempting to stockpile mulch. The EDGE FTS Mulch Master combines traditional flipping and rotation with constant material flow to overcome these traditional challenges.

    FTS Mulch Master Series

    Designed specifically for the stockpiling of lower density, bulky materials such as mulch, compost and soils, the EDGE FTS Mulch Master boasts a huge hopper capacity of 19.6yrds³. The FTS Mulch Master has a 25% additional buffer capacity over the standard EDGE FTS units with a bespoke hop-per design to prevent material bridging. The variable high speed feeder conveyor enables an even spread of material and is further regulated via the double screwed forward/reverse auger. The auger fulfils two roles; it conditions material by flipping and rotation allowing the material to separate, aerate and untangle as well regulating the flow of material and preventing material bridging at the transfer point.


    • Forward/reverse auger flips and rotates material allowing it separate, aerate and untangle.
    • 1400mm (55”) wide, variable high speed feeder conveyor enables an even spread of material.
    • Hopper specifically designed to combat bridging tendencies of low dense, bulky materials.
    • 25% additional buffer capacity than the standard EDGE FTS units.
    • Can receive loads directly from a loader, crusher, screener or grinder.
    • Eliminates the need for a separate feeder and stockpiler units.
    • Can reduce fuel, maintenance and labour costs by up to 80%.
    • Designed for quick and easy transportation via low-loader.


    • Compost.
    • Mulch.
    • Biomass.
    • Soil.


    • Discharge conveyor lengths from 20-23m (65-75’).
    • Chassis format; track or 360° Unlimited .
    • Power-source options: diesel/hydraulic, diesel genset, dual power.
    • Over-band magnet.
    • Remote stop/start feeder.
    • Complete remote functionality.
    • Remote tracking.
    • Rubber or steel plate tracks.
    • Fold down head section for barge/train wagon loading.
    • Various hopper liners.
    • Hopper extensions.
    • Full, 1/2 and quarter length rubber conveyor skirting available.
    • Various belt types and plys available.
    • Variable speed discharge conveyor.




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