EDGE LTPS Low Feeder Tracked Picking Station

LTPS Picking Station

    The EDGE LTPS combines all the benefits of the highly regarded Low-Level track Stockpiler such as the unique low-level hopper design with a 2-bay picking station.

    LTPS Series

    Available with either a belt feeder or heavy duty steel apron feeder, the LTPS boasts a rapid set-up time and superb manoeuvrability along with other notable design features such as the two bay picking bay, ladder access, variable belt speeds and overband magnet. The LTPS offers owners with greater flexibility by having the added option of using the LTPS as a standard low level stockpiler with a discharge height of up to 7.1m (23’4”) that has the ability to create a stockpile volume of up to 956m³ (1250 yds³).

    It is the perfect solution for brownfield clear-up projects and for extracting valuable commodities from existing or disused landfill sites. The LTPS is a concept that was born out for the need of a unit that could navigate across rough terrain and that could be easily fed by either a wheel loader or excavator. Customers simply wanted a machine to bring to the waste and not the waste to the machine.


    • Track 2 Bay picking station for the ultimate on-site manoeuvrability.
    • Unique hopper design to enable low level feed by any Excavator, Loader or grab crane.
    • Designed to take the impact of larger, heavier material that conventional belt feeders cannot.
    • Large hopper capacity with ability for fully ladened start-up.
    • Overband magnet for extraction of ferrous metals.
    • Maximum discharge height of up to 7.1m (23’4”).
    • Highly efficient hydraulic drive system with variable speed control.
    • Designed for quick and efficient transportation.


    • Stockpiling.
    • Material recovery.
    • Construction and demolition waste.
    • Municipal solid waste.
    • Commercial and industrial waste.
    • Domestic and household waste.
    • Wood waste.
    • Organic waste.


    • Feeder options: apron pad or belt feeder.
    • Power source options: diesel/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic, dual power, direct electric.
    • Over-band magnet.
    • Hopper extensions.
    • Hydraulic fold-down head section.
    • Radio remote control for all functions.
    • Various feedboot liners.
    • Remote Stop/start feeder.




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