The “All In One”​, Pre-Shred and Secondary Shredding Solution!

    A spotlight review of the highly versatile EDGE Slayer XL shredder….looking particularly into it’s outstanding ability to perform as both a very capable secondary shredder producing ‘spec’d’end products then in a snap as a high production pre shredder.

    The Edge Slayer XL is probably the most versatile and functional twin shaft, slow speed shredder on the market today. Designed with strength, durability and serviceability in mind, the Slayer can handle almost any material in any application. With a huge range of Volume Reduction and Intricate Piece Sizing Chambers available, the Slayer XL can be seen anywhere from the Skip Hire Company and Waste Management Company to the Power Plant. The Slayer is available in Mobile, Tracked, Static and Hooklift formats, and can be powered with either diesel/hydraulic or 3 phase electricity. The Slayer is outstandingly versatile, and can be tailored to provide optimum performance in a wide range of applications… from the everyday high production pre-shredding of woodwaste, green waste and general waste… to the specialised production of “spec’d” end products…. plus the exceptional ability to deal with the most difficult materials….Mattresses, Carpets, White Goods, Tyres and Contaminated Material streams. But if you really want the best of all worlds…then the EDGE Slayer XL fitted with the 13/13 replaceable tooth configuration is definitely the way to go….so just click on the link and see for yourself…. This excellent system, if fitted with the optional toothed breaker bar, and basket screens (sizes from 50mm to 250mm available)…enable it to both cut and shred a wide range of materials to produce a guaranteed piece size in one pass. Depending on the shredder chamber configuration, end product requirement and input material, production may vary from 5-8 ton/hr if shredding carpet to <50mm, 45 mattresses/hr to <50mm, up to 15ton/hr on woodwaste to <150mm. <50mm Shredded carpet <100mm Shredded mattress <50mm Shredded Frag waste As can be seen above, the Edge Slayer 13/13 basket system provides a consistently sized end product in a wide range of material...BUT if only pre-shredding is required...you simply remove the basket screens and will immediately benefit from increased production up to 25ton/hr of <150mm Woodwaste or Greenwaste, 60 mattresses/hr to <150mm, 500 tyres/hr to <200mm, <15ton/hr of carpets to <150mm. If you need expert help and advice just call FINTAN McKEEVER on +44 1676 521175 or +44 (0) 7713 273002‬ and FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EDGE PRODUCTS CLICK HERE

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